Wildspitz North Face and Time for the Whiteroom

Hey guys, Domi and me did our first north face this season. After all those lift accessed skidays we figured that we had to go on an adventure again. The last time I’ve used my crampons and ice axes was back in New Zealand in summer. Unfortunately we started pretty late that day and spent some extra time practicing different rope safety techniques so it got dark on our way back out of the valley. The good thing about being late was the amazing sunset when we got out of the wall. Thankfully the full moon was really bright because none of us brought a headlamp.
And we’ve just released our last years movie called Time for the Whiteroom, you’ll see the Link at the end of this post, enjoy!


I’m leaving for the next comp in Engadin tomorrow. It’s a 4-star FWQ event. Let’s see how it goes 🙂