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“Me and my comrades
Are freeskiing nomads
Hike, ski and drive
That’s our life“
The #Snowmads Riders

Driven by a true adventurer’s mind Fabian Lentsch has decided to follow his biggest passion of big mountain skiing and exploring new destinations.After rebuilding an old 4 wheel firetruck into the prefect freerider’s ride in summer and autumn 2015, Fabian has left Austria on January 6, 2016 to go on a search for undiscovered spots, high peaks and steep lines.Turkey, Iran,Armenia & Georgia – watch as Fabian and his crew meet the locals, immerse themselves in unique cultures and experience life on the road as you would never imagine.

Feature Film

„SNOWMADS – A Journey Towards Eastern Suns“, a 4k action sports feature film by Jonas Abenstein and RedBull athlete Fabian Lentsch, tells the story of the 23 year old Austrian top freeskier, mountaineer and adventurer Fabian Lentsch, who, despite his qualification for the Freeride World Tour 2014/15, follows new paths beyond competition to realize his long-cherished dream to discover unspoiled regions in the middle east. After a nine-month rebuilding of an old Mercedes 1113 4×4 fire truck to a perfect freeski and adventure car, Fabian, together with a group of equal-minded and world-famous freeskiers, sets off towards the Balkans, Turkey, Iran and the Caucasus region in Georgia in January 2016. Hereby, Fabian and the Snowmads are not just looking for new freeriding possibilities but particularly want to reach new and for skiers still completely undeveloped regions, the skiing potential of which Fabian already discovered on a previous trip, and also get in touch with foreign cultures and local natives.

Director of the first SNOWMADS movie is Jonas Abenstein together with Fabian Lentsch. It is produced by NINE&ONE in cooperation with graupause and the Red Bull Media House in Salzburg.

More about the Snowmads at www.snowmads.world


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“Snowmads – A Journey Towards Eastern Suns” will further be part of

Freeride Film Festival

Mountainfilm Festival Graz

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