POV run Hochfügen Big Mountain

Hey guys. I didn’t get lucky at the last few comps, I crashed 3 out of 3 FWQ 4-Stars already. This time in Hochfügen I tried to ski a similar line than last year but wanted to do the last part a bit bigger. Unfortunately I got too much backseat in the first landing of my double and just flew backseat off the next cliff. I was really bummed because it would have been a cool run and I really like this comp face. You can watch my POV video, filmed with Contour here underneath the text.
My next comp will be in Andorra next week. Before and after that I’ll do lots of filming with the Whiteroom guys, we planned some trips to Canada and Alaska as well, I’ll keep you up to date!
Oh and I recently joined Instagram, so feel free to follow me 😉


Cheers, Fabi