Footstool First Descent

A few weeks later, after getting second at a 3-star FWQ on the North Island I headed back down south and went for another mission in the Mount Cook area. This time together with Ruari Macfarlane, a really good snowboarder from NZ who apparently sees the mountains and faces the same way than I do. We decided to go for a first descent on the east face of Footstool. It’s a really big face straight above MtCook village.

We decided to do it in two days with a bivouac in between.  Unfortunately we couldn’t find the bivy-hut that was buried underneath the snow and had to sleep underneath a rock using our ski gear instead of a mattress.

On the next day we started climbing up the steep face and finally reached the top wind lip. It was for sure one of the sickest views I’ve ever had from a mountaintop. The descent was a long no fall zone with little spines on top and some nice terrain further down. The whole run was 2000 height meters!

New Zealand is probably the most beautiful and awesome country I’ve ever been to. The terrain and possibilities are just insane and I’m sure that I will come back a third time.