Asia Ski Road Trip – The Beginning

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I’m on a pretty big mission at the moment. Some friends and I are driving our campervan from Innsbruck all the way to Kyrgyzstan and maybe even further to China and Pakistan. I have always been really interested in that area of Asia but never got the chance to go there. Almost a year ago I have started to look up some pictures and writings again, together with my friends Leo and Domi. It didn’t take long and we knew that we want to go there next summer. The original plan was to fly to Kyrgyzstan and see how far we get from there. A few weeks later I came up with that crazy idea to drive there ourselves and started to look up a route. 5 months later we bought a pretty sweet RV and started organizing our adventure. Long story short, we managed to deal with all the necessary visas(except China and Pakistan), pimped our camper with solar panels, roof-box, new furniture etc. and started driving a few days ago on the 17th May.

The organizing and preparing took us way longer than we thought and we barely made it to the due date. Still we started our trip just two days later as planned and drove from Innsbruck to Istanbul in about 30 hours to keep our timetable.

We are surprised by the friendly and open minded people we have met in Turkey so far. Once we stopped in a small village right before Istanbul and found our mobile home surrounded by young people who invited us for dinner in a restaurant at 3am later in that night. Istanbul was a really cool experience as well. Especially the fact that this city is split by two continents, Europe and Asia. It was a nice feeling to drive over that bridge and be officially in Asia. Other than that we just did the normal tourist program, walk through the streets, go on a boat tour and taste all kind of different food.

We are in Cappadocia right now and already did some speed flying and hiking  there. Tomorrow we want to hike a 39oom peak and hopefully use our skis for the first time on this trip. Also we got a mail from Iran that we might not be able to enter their country because of the elections. There were several attacks and its not that safe for tourists. If that’s the case we will change our route and drive through Georgia, Russia to Kazakhstan.

Speed Flying Turkey from Fabian Lentsch on Vimeo.


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